Hard rock trio Kicking Harold is best known for their song “Gasoline” from the television show Overhaulin’, but they certainly didn’t close up shop and stop there. No, Tim David Kelly (lead vocals, guitar), Bret Domrose (bass), and Michael Odabishian (drums) have continued producing music for more than twenty years, and it just keeps getting better. Since their foundation in 1994, Kicking Harold has continued producing music like no one else in the industry—and they’re doing it with smiles on their faces.

Kicking Harold’s music defies categorization. It’s heavy—that’s one thing that’s certain—but it combines elements of hard rock, alternative, metal, and dance-pop music to create their own blend of “radio gold.” They’ve been described as “modern-day alchemists,” and it’s a title that certainly applies to this incredibly capable group of musicians.

Kicking Harold’s fifth album, Red Light District, just released on January 20 on the band’s label, Ultradose Music. It consists of twelve singles that are poised to set the music industry on fire, combining the drastically different elements of numerous styles of music to create a combination that is electric, incredible, and a can’t-miss production.

Kelly admits that he’s always enjoyed combining “pretty, acoustic things” with “really heavy, riffy stuff,” a contradiction in styles that nevertheless has worked for the band all this time. The band categorizes itself as “alternative pop”—“short and sweet little songs with a dash of alternative flavor.” Red Light District appears as yet another example of the band’s custom-designed style and talent—the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. It comes complete with a couple of old favorites—including “Kill You,” the first single on the album, which has been frustrating fans for years with the fact that it’s been out of print. Kicking Harold’s solution? Revamp the song, make it shiny and new, and rerecord it for Red Light District.

Fans are still loving the song, Kelly points out. They’re still playing it in concert. So why not take advantage of that, give the fans what they want, and produce it all over again? Obviously, it’s a win-win situation.

Kicking Harold plans to release tour information for 2015 soon, so those hoping to see them live should stay tuned for further information.