MICHAEL ODABASHIAN: Drums/Vocals   |  TIM DAVID KELLY: Vocals/Guitar   |  JULIA LAGE: Bass/Vocals



Best known for the hit song "Gasoline" from the show Overhalin", Kicking Harold has been delivering riff driven alternative rock since 1994. Singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and founding member, Tim David Kelly, has been the creative force behind what many have called alt-rock's "best kept secret" since the very beginning. Starting with a traditional band format, Kicking Harold has evolved into a solo project in the studio with Kelly playing all the instruments on every Kicking Harold album since 2010. "I now look at KH much as a painter looks at things. I go into my studio alone and come out with a painting I have created with sound. It has become a very special, solitary process that I enjoy very much." When playing live, Kelly has been joined by Michael Odabashian on drums and Julia Lage on bass since 2015. This well oiled power trio will be back in action in support of Kicking Harold's upcoming 6th album in 2019 and beyond.




• 2015: Red Light District  (Ultradose Music) 
• 2010: Zombies, Cars & Evil Guitars (Mityma) 
• 2006: S.A.B.D Re-Release with bonus tracks (Mityma) 
• 2002: Space Age Breakdown (Mityma) 
• 1997: Return Of The Bulb Men (Headliner)
• 1996: Ugly & Festering Re-release (MCA)
• 1995: Ugly & Festering (Headliner)
• 1994: EP (Self released demo)