MICHAEL ODABASHIAN: Drums/Vocals   |  TIM DAVID KELLY: Vocals/Guitar   |  JULIA LAGE: Bass/Vocals



Kicking Harold - a post-grunge power trio that synthesizes hard rock, alternative, metal and dance-pop elements to create their infectious hooks – just completed a 25-city US fall tour supporting The Winery Dogs, and promoting their highly acclaimed new album, “Red Light District”.  As former MCA darlings, the band’s long-time fans love their early radio hits: “Kill You”, “Fred’s New Dress” and “Down On You”.  However, Kicking Harold is most well-known for their song “Gasoline”.  Over the past decade the song has become synonymous with the hit show “Overhaulin’” – a reality-based auto makeover show which uses “Gasoline” as its theme song.  Ask anyone who watches Overhaulin’ what the theme song is, and chances are they’ll start singing “I am Gasoline…and matches” followed by some epic air-guitaring. 

Kicking Harold is lead by Tim David Kelly – songwriter, singer, guitarist and mastermind behind the band’s resurgence.  After producing albums for the likes of Dokken and Shiny Toy Guns, working on side projects “Zombie Oil” and “Bloodshot Gamblers”, and dedicating time & care to his father, in 2015 Kelly returned to his first, true love: Kicking Harold.  And he didn’t do it quietly.  In the past year the band has turned out an album with 12 fresh-sounding, stand-alone hits, released a fun yet impressively cutting-edge video for their re-make of “Kill You”, and endeared & excited crowds across the US on their Fall tour. 

As impressive as Kelly is, he doesn’t do it alone.  He’s backed by an enviable rhythm section: Michael Odabashian on drums, and Julia Lage on bass & backing vocals – each one is so charismatic, it’s easy to forget the wicked talent which lies behind their enthusiastic delivery.  With that enthusiasm and the band’s nightly ritual of meeting fans after the shows to take photos and sign CDs, Kicking Harold won themselves a ton of loyal new fans – fans eager to see them come to town again. 

As remarkable as last year was for this band, one gets the impression that these guys are just getting started.  Look for more from Kicking Harold in 2016.


• 2015: Red Light District  (Ultradose Music)
 • 2014: Return Of The Bulb Men Re-release  (Ultradose Music)
 • 2011: Born To Be Wild Single (Ultradose Music) 
• 2010: Zombies, Cars & Evil Guitars (Mityma) 
• 2006: S.A.B.D Re-Release with bonus tracks (Mityma) 
• 2002: Space Age Breakdown (Mityma) 
• 1997: Return Of The Bulb Men (Headliner)
• 1996: Ugly & Festering Re-release (MCA)
• 1995: Ugly & Festering (Headliner)
• 1994: EP (Self released demo)