TIM DAVID KELLY: Vocals/Guitar

JULIA LAGE: Bass/Vocals 





Best known for their song Gasoline, which was the theme song to the hit show Overhaulin for 9 seasons, Kicking Harold has been delivering riff driven alternative rock from Los Angeles, CA since the 1990s.


After being signed to a record deal at their 1st show, Kicking Harold released their debut album, UGLY & Festering, on MCA records and charted nationwide with the alt-rock radio hit, Kill You. 


Tim David Kelly, founding singer-guitarist-songwriter, continued recording and touring with a different lineup on each KH album until 2010 when he began creating all the band's tracks on his own. 


"I am a music producer as well as being in KH so I would make these demos of new songs to be re-recorded with a band. Then one day I realized I like the demos as-is and just started releasing songs with me doing everything. Kicking Harold just naturally evolved from an old school get in a room and jam thing into just me in a studio making tracks alone.


Since 2019, Kelly has been releasing new Kicking Harold singles monthly. Join the KH email list release updates"- TDK



• 2019-2021: The Singles   
• 2016: Everything  
• 2016: Working Man
• 2015: Red Light District  
• 2010: Zombies, Cars & Evil Guitars
• 2006: S.A.B.D 13 Song Re-Release
• 2002: Space Age Breakdown
• 1997: Return Of The Bulb Men
• 1996: Ugly & Festering (MCA)
• 1995: Ugly & Festering
• 1994: EP (Self released demo)